New normal or just normal?

Our social climate today, after and during this COVID-19 pandemic, is a fear and call to go back to ‘normal’. Protesters marched on the steps of State Capitals calling for the Governors to reopen cities because they wanted to return to ‘normal’. I look on in disbelief of the entitlement of people to put their own selfish desires above the masses, but I also think to myself about this ‘normal’ that they continue to speak of wanting to return. Hmmm…my ‘normal’ was filled with racism, sexism, classism and bigotry. The normal that I remember all too well, was encompassed with a President who did little to overtly challenge a prevailing ignorance that white supremacists were somehow to be honored in their rhetoric of hatred and separatism. My ‘normal’ had an educational disparity that was widening and further disenfranchising black, brown and special needs children and growing wider with each passing year. Tell me, why in the world would we return to this? Let’s make a new normal. We have an opportunity to do things better than before. Nothing new comes easy and without a challenge, but to return back to the old normal should not be an option.

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